Cold Sandwiches


You can’t beat an original BLT, so we put a little spin on the classic. Crunchy, crispy smoked bacon, layered with a fresh spring mix, seasoned tomato,an over easy fried egg and chipotle mayonnaise drizzle served on ciabatta bread.


Oven roasted turkey breast, crispy smoked bacon, fresh green shredded lettuce. Topped with tiny sprouts, a small heap of guacamole, salt, pepper, and mayonnaise finish. This sandwich will not let you down.


A hero, a hoagie, a grinder, a sub. You can call it what you want. But there are certain universal truths when it comes to making an Italian cold-cuts sandwich. B&B promises the very best. Sliced Italian Salami, juicy pepperoni rounds, airy ribbons of ham, sliced peppercinis, raw red onion, seasoned tomato. Topped with fresh spinach, provolone cheese, and then doused with oil, vinegar, and Italian seasoning finish served on a French roll.

Green Goddess

This is our Vegetarian friendly option. No animals were harmed in the making of this sandwich. The Green Goddess is made with fresh spinach, shredded lettuce, fresh sprouts, red onion, juicy cucumber slices, avocado mash, topped with a house-made tzatziki sauce, served on multigrain.

Stupid Good

This sammy is stupid good. Sliced ham, sliced turkey, bacon, dreamy creamy ranch, roasted jalapenos and a boat load of sporouts. Smoosed between melty layers of pepper jack cheese and served on rosemary bread.