Grilled Cheese

The OG

The original gangster of grilled cheese. This classic take is made with our locally made sourdough, & Boar's head sharp and white cheddar cheese. The "OG Grilled Cheese"  is served with a warm tomato soup dipper.

Apple & Bacon

Looking for a new flavor burst to try? Thin sliced granny smith apples, crunchy crispy bacon, smothered with sharp cheddar and smoked gouda cheese. Served with a warm tomato soup dipper.

Chicken Bacon Ranch

Slow roasted chicken, slices of bacon, seasoned tomato, with sharp cheddar cheese and our homemade ranch sauce. Served with a warm tomato soup dipper.


Grilled goodness with a Hawaiian Twist. I can already feel myself on the beach. Delicate Ham ribbons, juicy sweet pineapple chutney smashed between mountainous layers of melty mozzarella cheese, with a wave of our tangy homemade BBQ sauce. Served with a warm tomato soup dipper.

Jalapeño Popper

This is not for the faint of heart. Our homemade whipped cream cheese, crispy bacon, sharp cheddar, and layered with roasted jalapeños.

Great White Buffalo

Shredded buffalo chicken shoved between two slices of sourdough bread, topped with a ton of cheddar & pepper jack cheese & house made bleu cheese dressing, grilled to golden-y melt-y perfection.

“Hello Basil”

Hello Basil - Sourdough Bread slices are layered with fresh mozzarella, fresh basil pesto and fresh tomatoes then cooked on a hot panini press until golden brown and melty delicious!

A Big Dill

If you thought grilled cheese couldn’t get any better… try adding pickles. Golden toasty sourdough bread, gooey sharp & white cheddar cheese and sliced dill pickles combine to make the ultimate grilled cheese sandwich. The classic grilled cheese gets a flavorful update with the addition of tangy dill pickles.

Reindeer Games

Alaska Reindeer Sausage, homemade pesto, bacon, red onions, chipotle mayo, and green peppers with mozzarella cheese.